Printed site hoardings – designed, manufactured and installed by London’s leading site hoarding company

We’ve got the tools to produce any printed hoarding

City Hoardings produce the very best printed hoardings by using the latest in Large Format UV Print technology.

  • Our printers coupled with experienced operators are capable of producing high resolution graphics that impress.
  • Productions’s Vutek presses deliver crisp, consistent colours and high-resolution reproduction for clear, sharp images and text at almost any distance.
  • We use UV inks on all of our printed projects, this means they are fade resistant and formulated to withstand outdoor extremes.
  • We can print on a variety of substrates, including plastic, mesh, metal, wood and textile.

Creatives and production teams

We are a passionate team. We make the complex look simple and the ordinary look extraordinary.

Simple, captivating and compelling, that’s what design should be.
Whether it culminates in increased sales, improved results, exciting openings or enviable industry trophy bling, it is our mission to make the most of every opportunity.

Our sister company – 989 Design Limited are at the forefront of design and produce artwork for printed hoardings and building wraps nationwide.

For nearly 20 years we have produced some of the best creative projects in the business making City Hoardings a true ‘one stop shop’ for all of your printed hoarding and large format print requirements.

Trained Installers

Can’t we just fit the printed site hoarding panels ourselves you may ask. . . . We expertly fit every printed hoarding and installation using trained installers who have all necessary accreditations to enable them to perform the task of installing the graphical elements including CSCS.

Our site surveyor will always perform all health & safety and risk checks prior to starting any project. We think through every project from start to finish, especially when we are working in public facing areas.

City Hoardings pride ourselves on our fitters gentlemanly conduct especially in public areas, this is what sets us apart.


What is ACM and how will it benefit me or my projects?

The wooden site hoarding is clad seamlessly with aluminium composite material (ACM or Di-bond®) pre-printed with the graphics and laminated for protection.

We heat wrap each panel with an anti-graffitti laminate making the printed surface less likely to scratch but with the added ability to easily remove any unwanted vandalism.

Printed Hoarding Panels for Knowles


So, why would you want to wrap a hoarding? We wrap in locations where the sites surfaces cant be damaged protecting the original surface.
These systems are free standing systems that have a textured plastic surface which lends itself to apply vinyl graphics.

We laminate our vinyl with a high gloss anti graffiti finish or a matt finish reducing risk of vandalism.


PVC Mesh Banners for use with specially designed and installed scaffold frameworks for building wraps taking print and design to new heights! Mesh is a great solution for branding lightweight free standing anti climb perimeter security fencing too. The holes in the material allow air to pass through the banner reducing drag and preventing the scaffold from taking wind sheer, while protecting the public below from the construction works above.

Our installations are achieved using riggers who abseil down the building attaching the banner in sections via a bungee lattice.

City Hoardings Building Wraps


Just give us a call on 01932 423 595, email us on or fill out the short enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you straight away.

We’ll send you a complete quote based on your specification for approval. You are required to send us your PO as soon as possible to avoid delays.

We precisely measure the perimeter, rise and fall of the ground or pavements and note any problematic areas. Grounds and access surveys available upon request.

A detailed plan will be generated and any artwork editing will take place to account for any adjustments necessary.

Vutek UV Printers print direct to ACM sheets or vinyl, we then apply an anti graffiti lamination for additional protection available in matt or gloss finish.

Fitting teams are all H&S trained & insured accredited and will arrive on site to fit your hoarding with the necessary RAMS documentation.


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