Fixed Timber Hoardings (post to ground)

Fixed timber hoarding is different to free-standing hoarding in that we cement the posts into the ground with a minimum of 600mm deep holes.

Like free-standing hoardings it still provides total privacy, safety and security for your workers and the general public. The minimum height recommended is 2.4 metres, making it difficult to climb and still offers a visual barricade.

Post to ground hoarding’s foundations ensure a perimeter that stays standing in any weather and prevents entry via vandalism.

Timber hoardings of this nature take longer to build but in some cases can be the stronger choice. A full report from your QS will provide us with the services than run under the ground. We use this information and findings to determine where the posts can go.

We make sure that no services are struck while we excavate to the recommended depth of 600mm (for a 2.4m high fence).

As with all of our hoardings, we:

• perform a full site survey
• paint the hoarding to your required colours and finish
• provide a full set of drawings
• instruct and send you structural a engineers report for wind and crowd loads

The disadvantages of fixed timber hoardings:

• these type of installations take longer and in some cases can cost more as a result
• it requires more work once they are surplus to requirements to ‘make good’ the original boundry
• they are less recylable and can require the excavation of the concrete foundations
• some instances can leave lasting marks requiring additional landscaping


Just give us a call on 01932 423 595, email us on or fill out the short enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you straight away.

We’ll send you a complete quote based on your specification for approval. You are required to send us your PO as soon as possible to avoid delays.

We precisely measure the perimeter, rise and fall of the ground or pavements and note any problematic areas. Grounds and access surveys available upon request.

A detailed plan will be generated and any artwork editing will take place to account for any adjustments necessary.

Vutek UV Printers print direct to ACM sheets or vinyl, we then apply an anti graffiti lamination for additional protection available in matt or gloss finish.

Fitting teams are all H&S trained & insured accredited and will arrive on site to fit your hoarding with the necessary RAMS documentation.


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